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The Olympic flag is a white banner with five interlocking rings (blue, white, black, green and red) in the middle. It was adopted by the IOC in 1913 at Pierre de CouOlympic Flagbertin's suggestion and was first hosted at the Olympic Congress held in Paris in 1914 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the revival of the Games. It has been unfurled at all the Olympic Games from 1920 onwards. The design of Olympic flag made such a great impression that one spectator even went to the extent of stealing it. The entire police force of Antwerp was ordered to find the flag at all cost before the one of the Games. Many countries have honoured this sacred flag on their postage stamps. There are specific Olympic flags that are displayed by cities that will be hosting the next Olympic games. During each Olympic closing ceremony in what is traditionally known as the Antwerp Ceremony,[9] the flag is passed from the mayor of one host city to the next host, where it will then be taken to the new host and displayed at city hall.

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