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First Olympic Stamps

It is interesting to note that the world's earliest postage stamp on a sporting theme was issued on the occasion of the first Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896. On that occasion a series of 12 stamps were issued by one of the first Olympic stampthe host country Greece. These stamps were issued not only to focus on the greatest sports event in the international sporting arena but also to create a vast fund required for conducting the Games. The economic aspect of stamps issued during Olympic Games is important since the first Olympic Games was on the verge of being cancelled due to dire need of funds. But at the last minute these little piece of paper came forward to save the Games. All stamps featured ancient Olympic scenes. On the occasion of 1996 Olympic, adidas originals Greece reissued the same 12 stamps highlighting the importance of hosting the next Olympic Game in Greece where the games first took place. The four stamps shown here featured Chariot Race and ancient Olympic stadia. In ancient Olympics Chariot race was very eventful event due to its enthusiasm and adventurous nature.

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