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Each Olympic Games has its own Olympic emblem, which is a design integrating the Olympic rings with one or more distinctive elements. They are created and proposed by the Organizing Committee or the National Olympic Committee of the host country. It is the responsibility of the International Olympic Committee to approve Olympic emblems for the Olympic games. The Olympic emblems are used in promotional materials, by sponsors of the Olympics, olympic flagon the uniforms of every Olympic competitor. There were no special emblems at the first three modern Olympics. The first official emblem was designed only for the Fourth Olympics in London with the inscription "Olympic Games, London 1908" along with a laurel branch and the helmeted head of a Greek warrior. The five inter-twined Olympic rings first appeared on the emblem of the 1924 Paris Games. Since then they have been part and parcel of each subsequent official Olympic emblem, artists usually blending them with the symbol of the country hosting the Games. Many Olympic stamps reflected these emblems at different times. The stamp shown here featured the XVIIth Olympic emblem.

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