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The Greece stamp shown here features an old Greek c>oin. This stamp helps us to acquaint us with the statue of Zeus - the king of God - a creation of Olympic Coinfamous sculptor Pheidias. This great gold ivory statue of the Zeus was placed in the temple of Zeus. The temple of Zeus was considered to be the largest and most important building of ancient Olympia. It was built 460 B.C. and was one of the largest Doric-style temples in Greece. Although the first Olympic coin can be traced back to 480 BC, the modern Olympics did not see its first commemoratives until 1951. The original concept of Olympic coins was that the Greeks believed that coins brought the general public closer to the Olympic games. The idea was that those who could not attend the games could at least have a souvenir of the event. In 1951, Finland released the first modern Olympic coin valued a 500 Markkaa.

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